We are the pioneer among the private financial specialists in India for Mass creation innovation with Longwall mining and presenting keen and proficient machine

Our committed departmental specialists are into this procedure, who have likewise effectively arranged D.G.M.S. affirmed different completely motorized Longwall and Bord and Pillar areas with different sort of defective zone, comprising gigantic measure of large scale manufacturing.

Our devoted division has exclusively effectively finished the D.G.M.S. affirmed outline of virgin gassy creases withstanding two million ton generation from ultra present day completely motorized mining innovation.

We are sending roughly seven kilometers of transport framework into one of our underground large scale manufacturing mines. Our solid and dependable transport framework will borne coal from underground working face up to surface with a normal rate of more than eight thousand ton for each day.

Created by completely motorized innovation, these are long and solid life line of our colossal delivering mines, which withstand the entire "existence of the mine" without a doubt.

Our completely motorized advancements can be equivalent with Controlling and joining the speed of lighting and volume of the Everest.